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Sports Medicine - Injuries

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine and Injuries


Baylor Scott & White Rehab SportsHealth has more than 100 athletic trainers and registered nurses specializing in all areas of outreach sports medicine. Baylor Scott & White Rehab SportsHealth provides  injury prevention programs, as well as therapeutic services to help athletes get back in action quickly and safely if an injury does occur.   

Services - Texas Spurs FC

  • Athletic training coverage for all Texas Spurs Families at practices and some games/events
  • ImPACT-certified concussion management
  • On-Field Evaluations
  • SCAT5 Concussion assessment tool app
    (Reports sent to Director of Coaching, Texas Spurs)
  • Expedited referrals to board-certified sports medicine physicians (typically 24-48 hours)
  • Physical therapy referrals to one of our outpatient clinics conveniently located throughout DFW
  • Educational resources for parents, athletes, coaches 


Athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize patients' activity and participation in athletics, work and life. Athletic Trainers provide...

  • Injury/Illness Prevention and Wellness Protection
  • Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis
  • Immediate and Emergency Care
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Organizational and Professional Health and Well-Being

For more information on Athletic Trainers, visit

Take Home Card

Concussion Clearance Letter



Parents/Players - What to Do if???

If your athlete sustains an injury or is having pain and would like to see a medical professional they can

  1. Meagan Floyd- (469) 594-7794 

     for any injuries/questions regarding your child.  

BSW Rehab SportsHealth can assist with PT screens and appointments, Doctor appointments, and any injury information at any time!

Nutrition - See our page on this subject.

Baylor Scott White partners with Texas Spurs FC

Weekly Athletic Trainer schedule at MJ

Wednesdays - 6:00-8:30 pm - at MJ

Thursdays - 6:00-8:30 pm - MJ or TSP, will be updated weekly

Feel free to stop by and visit with Meagan Floyd, Texas Spurs official Athletic Trainer, on any injuries, concerns, etc.

to contact Meagan Floyd- (469) 594-7794