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Nutrition info for Texas Spurs Players –

  1.  Load up on Carbs – Carbs are body’s main fuel. 
    1. Diet should contain about 70% of calories from Carbs, including breads, cereals, pastas, fruit, and vegetables.
    2. Pre game meal 3-4 hours before to give stomach time to empty
    3. Stay away from starchy or sugary foods within 30 min of activity
    4. Stay hydrated during activity
    5. Reload on carbs after activity
  2. Protein but not too much – protein needed to maintain muscles
    1. 150 lb athlete needs approx. 88 grams of protein a day
    2. Too much protein is bad for kidneys – eat lean meats, poultry, nuts, beans, eggs, or milk
    3. Milk is one of best foods for recovery, especially chocolate milk
  3. Easy on Fat –
    1. Fat should be unsaturated from foods like nuts, avocados, olives, vegetable oils, and fatty fish like salmon and tuna.
    2. Avoid fatty foods on day of event
  4. Lots of fluids
    1. Don’t wait until your thirsty
    2. Color of urine provides clues –

i.Pale yellow means you are getting enough fluid

ii.Bright yellow or dark means you are falling short

Sample Meals -

Breakfast - waffles (Nutrigrain)/peanut butter & banana sandwich/bowl of cereal/eggs, Banana, milk, yogurt

Lunch - Foot long Sub Turkey and Cheese or Chicken Sandwiches, fresh fruit, juice or milk, protein bar

Dinner - grilled steak/chicken / fish / ground beef (extra lean), ground turkey/ spaghetti, baked potato, tortillas, broccoli, carrots, corn, or beans, Salad with dressing, wheat roll, milk or sports drink

Snacks - peanut butter and jelly sandwich, low-fat yogurt, protein bar, milk, fruit

Snack prior to practices - protein bars, PB & banana sandwich, fruit (orange, apple, banana) sports drink or milk

Post practice snack - Protein bars, PB & J sandwich, banana, orange

Note – Organic options are the best, although more expensive, but healthier.  Lots of water and juices and milk.  Stay away from Energy drinks, soft drinks, etc.  Stay away from fried foods, fast foods, easy preparation meals.  Take the time to cook and eat together!

Stay disciplined and easier if entire family follows the healthy nutritional program.


Sources – 1. Web MD, 2. Football Academy, 3.  Coach Ed


send us your healthy recipes and we will post here!

Breakfast w Coach Ed -
Spoon 4 large cups of organic yogurt in bowl, add organic rasberries, organic blue berries, and organic granola/cranberry mix - mix all together and enjoy
drink with organic orange juice and one large organic banana - great way to start your day!!!