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Sports Medicine - Injuries

Baylor Scott White partners with Texas Spurs FC

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine and Injuries


Baylor Scott & White Rehab SportsHealth has more than 100 athletic trainers and registered nurses specializing in all areas of outreach sports medicine. Baylor Scott & White Rehab SportsHealth provides  injury prevention programs, as well as therapeutic services to help athletes get back in action quickly and safely if an injury does occur.   

Services - Texas Spurs FC

  • Athletic training coverage for all Texas Spurs Families at practices and some games/events
  • ImPACT-certified concussion management
  • On-Field Evaluations
  • SCAT5 Concussion assessment tool app
    (Reports sent to Director of Coaching, Texas Spurs)
  • Expedited referrals to board-certified sports medicine physicians (typically 24-48 hours)
  • Physical therapy referrals to one of our outpatient clinics conveniently located throughout DFW
  • Educational resources for parents, athletes, coaches 


Athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize patients' activity and participation in athletics, work and life. Athletic Trainers provide...

  • Injury/Illness Prevention and Wellness Protection
  • Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis
  • Immediate and Emergency Care
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Organizational and Professional Health and Well-Being

For more information on Athletic Trainers, visit

Take Home Card

Concussion Clearance Letter



Parents/Players - What to Do if???

If your athlete sustains an injury or is having pain and would like to see a medical professional they can

  1. call Kendall Goldberg (469-265-5200), Director of Athletic Training to set up a complimentary screen at one of our PT clinics.
  2. Call Marissa Parker ATC to set up a time before or after practices/games for an evaluation and will assist with follow up care based on her recommendation

BSW Rehab SportsHealth can assist with PT screens and appointments, Doctor appointments, and any injury information at any time!

Nutrition - See our page on this subject.

Weekly Athletic Trainer schedule at MJ

Wednesdays - 6:30-8:30 pm

Thursdays - 6:30-7:30 pm

Feel free to stop by and visit with Marissa on any injuries, concerns, etc.

to contact Marissa, cell - 323-646-0438