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Dr. Kaz

Dr. Kaz

Dr. Kaz

Dr. Kaz - Brain Trainer

Dr. KAZ, is an international speaker, bestselling author and Brain Trainer to athletes worldwide.  She combines her ability to analyze an athlete’s mental makeup and unique sporting talents with a unique gift to helping athletes reach amazing results in minimal time.   As the world’s leading Brainologist, she works with athletes, parents and coaches on maximizing their performance on and off the field.

Dr KAZ works with Olympic, Pro, Collegiate and high school athletes and teams, on exceeding their potential through “Competitive BalanceHow to out-think, out-do and out-live your competition!

KAZ’s approach is simple, down-to-earth, incredibly active and fun. She takes everyday happenings in sport, work and life, and relates them into very useable “mind morsels” of information that athletes use to consistently out perform their competitors. 

She describes what she does by saying, “I work with athletes who want to BE more and teams that want to DO more.”  And she lives by her credo – “I’d rather wear out than rust out!” 

Remember to always – Train Your Body to Play …Train Your Mind to WIN!!!

Competitive Balance (Formerly KAZ Productions International, Inc)
Ph  972 633 9696